SEO and SEM Difference

Ever wonder what is the difference between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)? I guess most people who got involved in either one side or both did think about this question before. Both of them are equally important to search engine users and marketers as well as having a number of differences and similarities.

Basically, they require a strong understanding or knowledge of their purposes and functionality. To practice search engine optimization effectively, you simply have to know how the search engines work and all its fundamentals. Search engine marketing, on the other hand is more to paid online advertising and marketing strategies.

They only look complex on the outside, but on the truth side, they are easy to learn. Just use the best of your knowledge into more practice and gain success. They are different by the method used but with one similar purpose, which is to get more traffic to your website or blog. So what actually do SEO and SEM give us?

SEO uses some methods where a website or particular page from a site is optimized to rank well in the search engines result. They can either be optimized on-page or off-page, but both the techniques will give you the organic result or free traffic from other sites or search engines. Visitors will come to your site without needing you to place an advertisement.

On the other hand, SEM marketing techniques are a practice of online advertising. Ads will need to be placed in the right spot with the right keywords, all around this big online network and of course, with a fee. The good thing is that if you’re running a PPC campaign, only real browser clicks will be taken into account and this helps the advertisers to have the right amount of real visitors with the right amount of price.

These days, online marketing need the best of both SEO and SEM practices, especially if you are to build a website that runs an online business. Local professionals can be easily found and hired through the internet using search engines. For example, if you’re living in San Diego, you can search for experts in your local area by keying in "search engine optimization in San Diego" and a number of relevant results will be shown. If you’re not ready to hire, you can choose to learn by yourself and improve your sites’ ranking on your own to draw more visitors.